Q & A

What is the association “Color me happy People”?

The association aims in principle to “help individuals and families with autistic Children and/or family members

Addressed people from the entire spectrum of autistic disorders (or short ADS)

To people, which are directly or indirectly affected by ADS, to help the association intends to provide information and knowledge about ADS and related therapy options.

The association pursues no commercial purposes and does not seek profit.

What is Autism for us?

As parents of children with autism, we need to do much about education and the world believed to know, rediscover.

Autistic people very often live in their own reality and world. As a parent or affected person means first of all to want to get to know this other world, to be flexible where autistic people cannot be and for them bridges into our world and to build reality so that they can visit us there from time to time.

Being parents of autistic children or living closely with autistic people means living together to reconsider our own place in society and, where necessary, to to a long extent.

What has work for us?

With regard to the therapies will pay special attention to so-called single-GAME therapies which is very much focused on the cooperation of volunteers (volunteers) Support.

It’s one of the declared goals of the association, for which members have a network of potential “volunteers” or Helping with the construction such networks.