Color me happy People

WELCOME “to the place where everything is possible”!

What we do?

We help the children by helping recruiting volunteers to play with them. The goal being to build bridges between the children and their environment and creating more interaction with it.

We aim to create an environment where children and parents can thrive and both grow together, setting up an environment for themselves filled with understanding and love.

How we help?

We found great help in the Son-Rise Program and if wished we will gladly connect anyone to the Autism Treatment Center or America.

All the Son-Rise © course are available either online or in person and can be found under:

We will provide support and german translation gradually in a near future, as the programs have been in English Language up to now.

We coach and support parents and volunteers in their journey through autism and self-development, offering, as of 2020, Option Process Mentoring © to whomever wishes to get help.

We plan to organize several events for people to exchange about their experience with autism, several workshops with different themes, as well as pic-nics and holidays.

Things that worked for us